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Goodvale Russian Cattery

No kittens available during 2024

Kitten Availability and Testimonials: Welcome

Kitten Waiting List Application 

I am currently not accepting waiting lists for kittens. 

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Kitten Availability and Testimonials: Price Quote

Kitten Availability & Testimonials 

2023 Year

If you are looking for a Russian Kitten as you forever companion, this is the place! Here you will find how we work with your expectations and what we expect from our new kitten owners. Have a look at our previous photos of kittens and their owners testimonies. 

We keep an open waiting list for kittens all through the year and carefully select kittens as they are developing their personalities and keep our new extended families up to date with their photo album, emails and phone calls leading up to their departure from us into you're arms. 

We organise the kittens personal transport to you and we also take care of their early desexing, we provide brand new airline approved cat carriers for their safe arrival and we can deliver your precious kitten to your front door through our professional service.

To learn more send an email to us on our link or complete our online forms and we will be back in touch with you

Goodvale Russian kittens receive

  • Regular vet checks

  • They are vaccinated to F4

  • Wormed regularly with worming records provided

  • Treated for internal and external parasties

  • Micro chipped and identified on the companion animal register and transferred to your ownership, (you will need to register with council by the age of 6 months)

  • Sire and Queen are certified registered pedigree Russians.

  • Kittens are bathed regularly 

  • Trained to use cat litter before they leave me

  • Raised on Royal Canin / Advance kitten premium foods

  • Handled daily 

  • Raised in the home and not in a commercial for profit cattery environment 

  • Socialised with other animals in my home and with other people

  • Litter trays and bedding changed daily

  • They are accustomed to daily house hold noises such as TV, radio, things that move like vacuum cleaners, doors that open and shut. People and general life. This way they are ready for their hew families when they leave me  

  • (bomb proof)

  • They arrive with a folder containing all their records and receipts of payments

  • I provide a new PP20 approved airline carrier for their journey rather than hiring one, which is yours to keep. 

  •  The first 6 weeks kitten pet insurance which is in your name and in place at the time they leave me for you to take over after the 6 week period

  • A lifetime of support 

Please Enjoy the Testimonials Below 

Kitten Availability and Testimonials: Available Pets

 "We just wanted to send you a quick email with an update on little Chloe (who's not so little anymore!) - we can't believe it's only been 6 weeks, it seems like she's been with us for a lot longer."
 She settled in almost immediately - it really only took a day or so, and she is truly everything we could have dreamt for. Affectionate, playful and just so cute - neither of us can take our eyes off her.

 We bought her so many toys prior to her arrival and they've gone down a treat - she walks around with them in her mouth like she's a hunter cat, proud of her prey! Every day she goes through her hyperactive phase - usually around 9pm in the evening when all we want to do is relax and watch TV before going to bed - but she has us in fits of laughter every time because of the strange things she does. She soon wears herself out though and is then cuddled up on one of our laps for the rest of the night. She really is incredibly loving and affectionate.

Thank you so much again Annette - considering we hadn't seen her before picking her up from you - we couldn't have asked for anything more. still absolutely gorgeous!                   Charlie & Lucy 


Hi Annette,   Heston has continued to be an absolute joy! He is not phased by anything, has bonded with the whole family (including grandparents and Harry (the dog) and loves to meet new people. As you know, he has only two speeds (fifth gear or off), is imensely curious, and has to be involved in everything (he has just got off the side of the bath where he was watching my daughter have her bath!). At the same time, however, he is also the gentlest little boy and we have not had one scratch or nip, either in fright or in play. Yesterday, knowing that you bathed him and feeling that I should give him a bath to keep him used to it, I also gave him a bath. Despite having had cats when I was growing up, I have never bathed a cat before and would have been torn to shreds had I tried to bathe any of my previous cats. Heston, however, took it completely in his stride and merely gave a couple of little meows. In short, we could not have asked for a more perfect cat. I have no idea how you have managed in a few short weeks to raise a kitten this loving and gentle ... not to mention completely toilet train him (he has not had one accident!) Thank you so, so much! 


Dear Annette  We trust you are well and the showing is going well.  We enjoying the new family addition.  After much deliberation we have called her Mig or Miggy after the Russian fighter jets.  She launches many attacks from under the bed, behind the towel rack and any other little place she can find where she thinks we can’t see her lying in wait.  

 She is the perfect mix of feisty and smoochy and a compliment to you both on the socialising she received as a kitten.  We  have had no problems with her at all --- at the vet or with any visitors - She loves the company.  She even loves going in the car – even when it is parked in the garage and going nowhere. 

She has finished her vaccinations and due for her ‘special’ appointment on the 1st December which we are not sure she will be very happy about it!!  We just wanted to let you know she’s lovely and fitting in perfectly with our family.  Thank you for letting her come to us.

Kind regards  Roger & Louise 


Hi Annette 
Just a quick note to say my new baby arrived safely yesterday.  He was hungry and very talkative but was very well behaved last night!  We have called him Anton in honour of the great Anton Chekov. I will endeavour to call you later today to discuss his feeding and sleeping please. 
Many thanks 

Hi Annette,
Thank you for the time on the phone the other day-rest assured your kitten is safe and well and extremely loved with us! 
We have made a decision to change his name to Feliks- its meaning in Russian is 'lucky' and we feel very lucky to have him with us.  Anton was too fussy and didn't suit his personality.
I have attached some photos that show how well he is adjusting to life with us. 

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