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A Bit of Background

My involvement in showing and breeding pedigree cats started in 2004. I started with a pedigree Abyssinian, and later acquired a lovely Russian Kitten from Riverlight Cattery in SA which no longer exists. I was thrilled to have a kitten from a Tushbah Line (Also no longer exists) and Genni became an important foundation to my bloodline and has produced quality adults far greater than herself with the typical breed character that the Russian is known for.

I have never planned nor set out to operate as a commercial for business cat breeder, but as a professional Cat Breeder dedicated to being a bastion for the breed and as a guardian for the preservation of the Russian Blue and Russian White.

We are Conservationist breeders - dedicated to quality, true to type, high standard kittens who mature into graceful and beautiful adults. 

A Bit of Background: About
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